On our Radar: Latinx Indie Band "Luna Luna"

Photo Credit to Luna Luna Article by Stephanie Escobar

Recently as I was scrolling through TikTok I came across the Latin Indie side of it and discovered a band named Luna Luna. A Quintet including: Kevin González (vocals), Daniel Muentes (guitar), Danny Bonilla (keys, back up vocals), Kaylin Martinez (drums), and Ryan Gordon (bass).

Luna Luna's roots are established in Dallas, Texas, the home to many Latinx artists. With the release of their first EP “For Lovers Only’ in 2018, I had some catching up to do to see what they’re all about.

For Lovers Only” gave me heavy bedroom pop vibes with retro synth sounds, soft vocals and songs perfect to slow dance with that special someone. With songs like “For You” and “You and I” showcasing those dreamy synth pop sounds. My favorite, probably being “Daydream,” reminding me of Arctic Monkeys “505” with the synth piano and adding some Latin flare with trumpet reminding me of the boleros (Spanish love songs) my Grandpa used to love. Overall, revolving on that innocence of love, this EP is perfect for those hopeless romantics out there. This EP “For Lovers Only” had set the foundation for them as they started growing a fanbase and started playing house parties to share their sound for people to swoon over.

I moved on to listen to their second EP “Carousel” released in 2019. This record continues to explore romantic motifs with their bedroom pop sound following their bubbly love sound in “For Lovers Only”. Yet, on this EP, the exploration of love has matured and included the challenges involved when it comes to relationships. We’re starting to get deep. Songs like “Running” where Gonzáles is singing about wanting a committed relationship with that special someone, but they just keep running. Followed by “Feelings in Me” where he continues to tell this someone to just allow themselves to fall in love.

Their EP “Carousel” showed more exploration through sound and showed collaborations with Tony Tone, Pretty Boy Aaron, and Victor Internet. In songs like “Commitment” you can hear the sound of claves, a percussion instrument, adding rhythm and also showcasing their bilingualism when they switch to Spanish throughout the end of the song. In “Flames” there's a small section in the bridge where Kevin González is singing “you are a flame,” accompanied with a beautiful spanish guitar.

Luna Luna’s future is certainly bright. Garnering around 170,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, you can definitely expect those numbers to grow in the next couple months. Nonetheless, I’m excited to see what they’ll be releasing in the future and will definitely have to catch them live once concerts resume.

Listen to their latest release “Luv on Me

Here’s every social platform you can find them on!

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