Pink Sweat$ Newest Single "Not Alright"

Photo Credit to Pink Sweat$ (Instagram) Article by Stephanie Escobar

Pink Sweat$ is an American singer and songwriter who I discovered last year. Usually around this time I start listening to artists that would be performing for Lollapalooza in Chicago. Pink Sweat$ was one of those artists I came across last year as I did my yearly listen of artists that are part of the line-up. I had struck gold when I first listened to his music and got to see him perform twice. Once concerts resume again, Pink Sweat$ should be on your list to see!

He’s released a number of great singles that have been very successful in the charts. “Honestly” is one his most popular songs which reached #23 on Spotify’s Global Viral Chart, and #10 on Spotify’s US Viral Chart. He released his first EP in November 2018 and his second EP “Volume 2” in March 2019. He’s been releasing a plethora of singles and recently released “Not Alright”

Photo Credit to Pink Sweat$

Pink Sweat$ took to Instagram sharing an update on his anticipated album debut “Pink Planet” but shared that “Not Alright” had to be shared first. Being one of his most personal songs where he speaks about how it feels to be black in America. “A lot of us are not alright, but you’re not in this fight alone,” he remarked.

“Not Alright” is very powerful and poetic, lyrically. “I’m not alright / Fightin’ a war that I’m gonna lose" is repeated throughout the chorus offering an insight into the daily battle that the black community is going through. “Being trapped is a state of mind; we have all overcome uphill battles,” he explains on the Spotify Storyline.

Along these poetic words the instrumentals offer a more uplifting tone and pop beat. Opening with a drum beat and soft vocals for the first few seconds offers a dramatic transition into the chorus with a synth-like guitar sound as he sings “I’m not alright”. The bridge is my favorite part as the sound reminds me of something dreamy out of a Tame Impala song. The melody and harmonies blend beautifully together.

Pink Sweat$ will also be releasing “The Prelude” which are going to be a handful of songs serving as a preview for his upcoming debut album. This EP will be out July 17, so make sure you mark your calendars for his release.

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