Pioneers New Single Drop: "Say What You Want"

Article by Rikki Red with thoughts from Megan Vineberg

With lyrics that make you stop and think and simple (but effective) enough guitar riffs that don't take your focus away from the words being sung, Pioneers newest drop is one for the books. This Southampton indie group gives me comfortable vibes, similar to the way I feel when I listen to Cage the Elephant or Kings of Leon. "Say What You Want" feels like one of those songs that you'll reach for time and time again.

Frontman Sam Watts said, "The track itself is all about that first encounter with someone and being completely transfixed by them. The idea of ‘Say What You Want’ is to not overthink or act like someone you’re not. Say what you want as there will be no judgement, just be yourself." This sentiment speaks for itself throughout the song and fosters a belief that I've always felt very strongly: You can't screw up something that's meant for you if it's really meant for you.

"You don’t need to impress me

So say what you want

I love the way that you talk

You don’t need to just agree

So say what you want

I love the way that you talk"

In a day and age when there seems to be no in-between and so many of us hide our opinions completely so we don't offend other people, it's refreshing to find reassurance that when you find your person, you can find a safe place to share your thoughts. It's not always about trying to people-please, and reminders of that value are much needed today.

This song takes me back to nights spent with friends during adolescence, wondering what the future would hold but not caring enough to worry about it. Those days, we all had one common goal: to be accepted by those around us. There's an innocence that takes hold of you when that's your thought process, but there's an extremely gratifying freedom that's birthed when you let those needs go. Had someone said these words to me during those days, I likely would've let go of some of those stressors and been able to live life more freely. I'm glad that there's someone saying these words to the young people (and all the rest of us) around the globe.

There's an "it factor" in the sound of this group of four lads that you don't commonly find in music these days. We'll definitely be playing this song on repeat at BMEL and we're sure that the lot of you will enjoy it as well.

In short, I think this is one of those tunes that I'll carry with me for years to come. I'm very excited to see what these guys drop next.

Megan's Thoughts:

To piggyback on Rikki’s sentiment I do love that opening line in the chorus:

You don’t need to impress me

So say what you want

It’s not often that you meet people that want to know who you are as a person, and not some idealized version they have of you or who they want you to be. The Pioneers definitely drive the point home that they’re all about authenticity and showing up for people as opposed to showing off. Because at the end of the day, to quote NF:

When I turn the music off what am I really left with?

We’re all looking for friends and family that feel like home. Some even find it in a significant other, and Say What You Want is all about that one person you can be your utmost self with. They’re not going anywhere. May we all experience such a beautiful sentiment. No matter the source, love in your life is all around you and it’s simply about appreciating one’s deepest desires, strengths, and weaknesses, as well as those of others—despite our flaws and mistakes that we make.

Another standout line to me is the one that reads:

You don’t need to just agree

So say what you want

In relationships we can kind of bend our will to the needs of the other person, only hurting ourselves as unhealthy as that dynamic is. Although there is such a thing as compromise, when we agree to everything someone says, it creates imbalance. Fortunately, the relationship described in this song is the exact opposite of that. Following their single, “Feeling Blue”, Pioneers have brought to us a fresh, new track that we can most certainly vibe to. The influence of the Strokes can be heard throughout their discography. I could also see how they might be influenced by the Arctic Monkeys who are from the UK. Of course, we cannot wait to see where they take their next release. We’ll be patiently waiting!

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