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EDM duo PRXZM, made up of songwriter Emma Maidenberg and producer Nick Ortega, are now back on the scene with their long-awaited new single, “Slow Motion.” I’m feeling the vibes! The precursor visuals transported me back to a time before all of this when we could just go to the beach, enjoy the sunshine, relax, and recharge. After listening to “Slow Motion,” the first time, I couldn’t help but replay the song over! It’s soothing and methodical in a time when nothing feels certain. Emma’s vocals are always so velvety smooth, and they pair well with the sound. When a vocalist doesn’t “fit” the sound of a particular track, you can hear it in their intonation, or something will be off-beat. With Emma, this doesn’t happen. It’s a smooth transition into a free-flowing space where you forget you’re listening to music.

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with PRXZM or Nick’s work, it’s a bit of pop, EDM, and other electronic sounds thrown in. You’ll never hear a track from them that was just “thrown together” or messy in any way, that’s not their vibe. When you’re listening to PRXZM, it’s high-quality beats combined with Emma’s unique vocals and lyrics. It’s not too long usually before you’ll see PRXZM pop up, as they’re constantly pumping out new music even with Emma and Nick at a distance from each other. You’ll often find them in the more popular playlists curated by Spotify.

I’m surprised to find they don’t have more recognition by now because every time I listen to PRXZM, I’m whisked away into a world of my own. The production is flawless but that is nothing new if you’ve heard their many original and collaborative tracks. Even the releases that are just for fun are not half bad. Who knows, you might even find some of their tracks featured here at Borderless Melodies pretty soon! I am continuously blown away by Nick’s hard work and natural talent here. When I think he couldn’t create a better track they release something else that tops the last record. Don’t even get me started on graphic design, which Nick also does. My favorite PRXZM track would always, always have to be “Higher.” I also really enjoy “Home to Me,” “Strangers Again,” and “Through The Night.”

More recently, I’ve been listening to PRXZM & Virtual Riot’s “In My Head,” which just reached 5 million all time plays! I’m not at all shocked that people are taking notice of their work but it is a huge accomplishment for any artist or group. To get a feel for their sound, I would suggest checking out their covers, which range in all aspects. From DJ Khaled featuring Drake with “I’m On One,” to PARTYNEXTDOOR’s “Come and See Me,” to Grimes, “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around,” to Khalid and Marshmello’s “Silence,” and even CHVRCHES, “Heaven/Hell,” there’s really nothing they can’t cover. There’s also nothing to compare PRXZM’s music to, and I think that’s something to aspire to.

I’m so grateful that I met Nick initially in a time when I needed production, mixing, and mastering done on a song now known as “In This Space.” I had worked hard on the lyrics and the melodies, and I even did some production work on the vocals. I had some idea of what I wanted the song to represent, and the vibe I wanted to put out but most of the “out of this world” ambience was him. While the song itself was released back in May, I still get compliments on how solid the record is and questions about what programming I used. “Slow Motion,” is no exception to this. Nick makes it a point to work at a song, even if it means taking a little bit more time to perfect it. The storytelling aspect of a song is always present. Not surprisingly, that’s what we did with my record too. The release was delayed for “In This Space,” but it was released at exactly the right time. It was meant to be, and in a way, I feel the same about “Slow Motion.” It took some time for PRXZM to release new music but it was well worth the wait.

PRXZM’s newest drop, “Slow Motion,” complete with all the beach vibes you could ever need is now available for streaming on all platforms. Here’s to enjoying this new record while we wait for the next one!

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