PRXZM Returns With Cyberpunk “Adrenaline”

Photo Credit to PRXZM Article by Megan Vineberg

By now you all are familiar with Nick and Emma from PRXZM. We’ve featured them on our electroland playlist (and the upcoming playlists to follow). We covered their prior single, Slow Motion, and they’ve since returned with the very cool, very high-tech Adrenaline! PRXZM is known for doing all kinds of electronic music but I haven’t heard anything like this from them before. It seems the times we’re in have provided fresh inspiration!

Immediately upon listening, as well as in our Instagram Story posts, I mentioned how I could see this being licensed out for something like Black Mirror. It’s just eerie enough that it’s not too far a thought. PRXZM had a helping hand with the single being pushed by newcomer Twitch streamer Jericho’s NIGHTMODE Records. I would not be surprised to find this song being included in a gaming license deal.

An official visualizer for the track was posted to the official NIGHTMODE and PRXZM YouTube channels included here. The video itself reminds me of the 2015 film, Ex Machina, in the best way. What did you think of PRXZM’s “Adrenaline”? Comment your thoughts below:

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