Quarantine Listens: How Has Music Helped Me in Times of Uncertainty?

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Article by Stephanie Escobar

Here in Chicago, our Stay-at-Home order began around the end of March. Just like it has for many, this pandemic has caused me a lot of uneasiness, uncertainties and anxieties. Life has changed unexpectedly and we’ve had to adapt to a different lifestyle.

The music industry, nonetheless, has been one of the industries that has been hugely impacted, and has had to adapt to these times where concerts and festivals are just not safe right now. Instead, online shows have started to become more common. Artists have started to host live streams on Instagram and other platforms from the comfort of their homes.

Listening to music during this time has brought comfort and hope for the future of live shows. I personally have clung to music during this time of being at home. I've been loving that Lollapalooza has been airing past performances, a series called “Lolla From the Vault”. They’ve aired past performances of some iconic headliners that have left a mark at Grant Park like The Strokes, Odesza, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

As I’ve been listening to music a lot more during this time while being at home, I made a small list of some of my favorite artists that have blessed me with their music to keep myself in a good mood despite the circumstances.

Dua Lipa


As soon as quarantine was going into effect, Ms. Lipa dropped her album a couple days earlier than her initial release date, due to her album getting leaked. “Future Nostalgia” finally graced our ears and this album screamed good vibes and overall happiness. This whole album puts me in a good mood - no matter what.

The Strokes


As they released “The New Abnormal” and I finally got a chance to listen to it, it brought me back to better times when I saw them at Lollapalooza last summer. The song “The Adults are Talking” was one in particular that got stuck with me during this time, and it made me want to go back and listen to their older albums all over again and feel nostalgic.

Bad Bunny


Something that my friends and I were planning to do before Ms. Rona took over was to go out to a club but clearly those plans got cancelled. Listening to “YHLQMDLG” makes me excited to think about going back out when it’s safe again. He also just dropped “LAS QUE NO IBAN A SALIR” which translates to “To the girls who weren’t going to go out”.



I recently started to listen to some newer music and came across Willow & Tyler Cole who have joined forces and created “THE ANXIETY”. The song “Meet Me At Our Spot” gives me major summer time vibes. I can definitely see this song playing as I'm driving with my friends with the windows down.

Twenty One Pilots


This iconic duo put out a song to help fund Crew Nation which is supporting crew members in the music business that have been affected by Covid-19. “Level of Concern” was written with the perfect intentions of describing how we’re all feeling during this time to a very upbeat sound.

Harry Styles


Harry Styles has many fans dreaming about summer. He recently released his music video for “Watermelon Sugar”. Styles is seen having a great time on the beach with others and sharing a variation of fruits. He is living the life in that video. This song will be on repeat this summer.



I discovered Upsahl last summer when I went to Lollapalooza, and absolutely loved her and her music. I was looking forward to seeing her with Two Feet, but that show has since been postponed. Nonetheless, she has been doing at home concerts on her Instagram Live that I’ve been living for! Her music is just so fun and edgy, and overall brightens up my mood. Fun Fact: She helped write “Good in Bed” in Dua’s new album that I mentioned, “Future Nostalgia”.

Music during this time has been nothing but a support system for many and is bringing communities of people together from all over. All of the artists that I’ve listed have brought so much calmness and hope to look forward to better times where we can all be at a concert or festival again, and create memorable moments with music. How has music helped you?

Definitely let me know what you have been listening to at home.

Be safe and remember to wash your hands!

Here’s a Spotify playlist of all these artists. Check them out!

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