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Tim Bergling, better known by his stage name Avicii, was one of the most famous EDM musicians of the early 2010’s. The world was shocked after his 2016 touring retirement, and more shocked after reports of his death by suicide in 2018. September 8th marked what would’ve been his 31st birthday. Even though Avicii is no longer with us, there is a reason why people still listen to his hit songs such as “Levels” and “Wake Me Up”.

Born in Stockholm, Bergling was inspired by his brother to begin making music when he was sixteen years old. After releasing “Levels” in 2011, Bergling gained mainstream fame in Europe and the United States. Not only did it land him a slot on the Billboard Hot 100, it earned him a two Grammis Awards in 2012 and a Grammy Award nomination in 2013 for “Best Dance Recording”. However, the song that furthered his career in the United States was “Wake Me Up”. It was the first Dance/Electronic song to stay on the Billboard Hot 100 for over a year and the first Dance/Electronic song to sell over 4 million copies. Seven years after the release, people will still hear “Wake Me Up” on the radio and can’t help but sing and dance to the song that numerous magazines have called a “summer anthem”.

Even though Bergling gained fame all around the world for his music, he still had his demons. He spoke publicly about his physical and mental health struggles and was hospitalized multiple times due to his struggles. Due to continuing health deterioration, he retired from touring and performing live in 2016. After years of battling his health, Bergling committed suicide in 2018 at the age of 28. In the end, not only was he an incredible musician, he’s an example of a human being who did everything he could to live a healthy life. His suicide showed that even famous musicians struggle with common health issues that will sometimes never cease to go away. For more on this issue in the music industry, one can read this previously published article from Borderless Melodies written by Megan Vineberg.

Audiences today know this man as Avicii, the world-famous DJ who’s had numerous musical and award-winning hits. However, Avicii is also known as Tim Bergling, a young man with a loving family who made all of his dreams come true by creating music that audiences and himself loved. He is remembered as a man who lived his life to the fullest and fought as hard as he could to find happiness in the world, which at the end of the day, is what everyone fights for.

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