Rising TikTok Star, Abigail Barlow

Photo Credit to Abigail Barlow (Instagram) Article by Stephanie Escobar

TikTok has been a huge platform for new artists who are trying to put their name out there. As it has an algorithm where it gives everyone a chance to be seen and hopefully become viral. Luckily Abigail Barlow talent gave her that chance.

Originally from Alabama, the 21 year old is now an Los Angeles based singer/songwriter who is doing fairly well at such a young age. Abigail Barlow promoted her latest single “Heartbreak Hotel” on TIkTok and has achieved great success without a record label.

I first came across Barlow when her TikTok appeared on my feed and she was playing a stripped down version of “Heartbreak Hotel”. I immediately thought this little snippet of the song that was in the works was hella catchy. Soon enough the demand was there as many also thought this song was a hit. Barlow then announced on her TIkTok that she was releasing it on July 24th along with the following release of an EP “Abigail” on August 14th.

With the release of “Heartbreak Hotel” it received so much attention thanks to social media (especially TikTok). With just four days of being released it garnered 400,000 streams on Spotify, was Top 10 in iTunes Pop Chart, and a was added on Spotify’s playlist “Pop Sauce”. A great accomplishment for an independent artist.

Her short EP “Abigail” revolves around her coming of age featuring relationships, heartbreak, and female empowerment. With the beginning of “Trust Issues” we hear a vulnerable side of Barlow. Each song feels like a transition into becoming someone stronger, and at the end into someone gaining confidence and self-love. This short EP shows she’s a talented singer/songwriter who’s not afraid to talk about her feelings and wants you to dance the sadness away.

With this just being the beginning for Barlow, it’s exciting to wonder how she’ll continue to rise in the music industry. She serves as an example on how TIkTok can be a marketing tool for success. TikTok and social media in general has helped many to share their talents and managed to open doors to other great opportunities.

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