Ryan B's Debut Single "Never Let Go"

Photo Credit to Ryan B Article by Megan Vineberg

After having some time to sit with Ryan B’s highly anticipated debut single “Never Let Go,” I can honestly say I’m loving the vibe he gives off. When playing with a full band, it’s easy to see he really lets loose and is carefree. It’s funny, I never realized before but you really can hear a person's musical influence(s) in the style of music they choose. Just ask any local musician, they’ll tell you it’s impossible to answer because so much goes into the process of writing music. I spoke about this in my article for Yung Xander as well—who is influenced by various different artists like Blink 182, Lil Peep, XXXTentacion, Juice WRLD.

Though they span across different genres the passion these people possess is unmatched. Play enough of someone’s music and you start to sound like them. They’ve seeped into your subconscious. That’s the benefit of being a fan of certain artists, especially underground ones. You learn so much from them and apply it to your own style.

There’s a little of everything in Ryan’s music but the one I kept going back to is Alkaline Trio. I was listening in on the instrumentation and I was thinking, “why does this sound familiar?” And it’s because in high school, I used to listen to a lot of rock bands like Alkaline Trio, Bayside, Minus The Bear, and Silverstein. In fact one of my very first dates was going to be to a Minus The Bear show—Even something about the vocal, I heard Matt Skiba—guess who Ryan’s influenced by? Alkaline Trio. The music video for the song shows a young love that seemingly is getting off the ground but they’re already super comfortable. It’s a nice, feel-good moment for me. “Never Let Go,” has me longing for the good old days, when my biggest problem in life was what concert I would see that night. It reminds you that you always have someone to lean on. I’m excited to see where Ryan is next led on his journey of sound design.

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