Sean Wyer - From His Bedroom To Your Ears

Article by Amanda Pereira

The independent pop artist writes about love and other topics you can relate to

You blinked and it’s February. New year, new resolutions, new plans, so why not new artists?

Sean Wyer might have been known for many things: touring the United States twice, duetting ‘Ain’t Nobody’ alongside Chaka Khan, having 10 thousand tickets sold to his live performance at Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the UK, or, even for a series of viral Youtube videos with names like Conor Maynard, Caspar Lee and Josh Pieters. But these days are in the past.

The 22 year-old British artist now writes, records and produces his own tracks, in his bedroom studio. Lyrically, Sean addresses his experiences of coming out and eventually becoming comfortable in his own skin.

Sex Sells isn’t Sean Wyer’s debut song, but it could be his biggest hit, and one of the most important songs of 2021 just for bringing up the body acceptance topic.

In a time where many people are constantly making a huge effort to achieve the utopic “perfect symmetrical body”, Wyer - as he describes himself on social media - “Queer pop till I drop”, is one of those who has learned, and also found his melodic way to share it with people to the world the body positivity revolution.

“I had a Zoom call with some guy in the industry. He said I need to be prepared to use my body, get to the gym, and get naked more often if I wanna make it. Instead, I wrote a song about that culture.”

Body image, self esteem and the pressure of being a young gay man are some of the themes you can see in Wyer’s lyrics. “We should never be ashamed of who we are, how we look, or what we choose to wear.” Sean says. “No-one has the right to profit from our insecurities.”

It is a new year, people, you don’t want to keep your old standards.

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