Smartphones are Filming Artists' Music Videos

Photo Credit to whatphonenet

Article by Adam Barrera

Due to high-quality cameras on smartphones, technology brands are able to collaborate with artists to film music videos. This not only promotes artists’ music, but it also promotes smartphones by displaying the functions of their cameras.

In 2018, John Legend recorded his music video for “A Good Night” entirely on a Google Pixel 2. The video shows multiple people dancing in a club setting with dark lighting. In an interview with Google, Legend explained his fascination with the camera on the Pixel 2, which influenced him to use the device for his music video.

Selena Gomez also used a smartphone to film her music videos for her singles “Lose You to Love Me” and “Look at Her Now” in 2019. Gomez collaborated with Apple for their “Shot on iPhone” campaign to use the camera on the new iPhone 11 Pro. The music video for “Lose You to Love Me” is an entirely black and white video with Gomez sitting alone. In contrast, “Look at Her Now” contains colorful lighting, as well as multiple dancers.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, it can be difficult for artists to record music videos in a traditional setting with professional cameras and a production crew. Singer Danna Paola got creative while quarantining and filmed the music video for her song “Sola” with a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G in May of 2020. The video includes multiple clips in various settings of Paola singing her song.

Because smartphone cameras continue to develop each year, brands can use music artists to promote their upgraded features. Fans of artists can expect to see this more in the future, as well, due to the current pandemic and limited access to professional production studios.

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