The Power of Live Music in 2020

Article by Sheila Lim

To all the beautiful people who sorely miss live music in 2020,

COVID-19 has robbed the world of way too many music festivals this year. As we approach the last quarter, it brought me to think about the power of live music and all the serotonin boost that we are sorely deprived of.

Reminiscing to dance tracks like Don Diablo’s “You’re Not Alone” and Armin Van Buuren’s emotional trance tune ‘This Is What It Feels Like’ from the Untold Festival set this one night, I have to admit that I am deeply anguished. It sent chills within me from looking at the crowd that used to rave in unity, getting lost in the pace, power and melody of the tunes. The oceans of light would illuminate the night sky though all the flashlights. Occasionally, a mosh pit would form, with the crowd anticipating a big mood from the highest bass drops and drum beats.

This is the true power of live music, it shakes you to your core and makes you feel just alive every second. Close your eyes, feel the adrenaline, share the joyful festivities and let the music consume you – what a moment! I have to admit that these archival set of performances from various festivals are jolting my memories of a flawless holiday and a once-beautiful summer. Everything was so pure, rarified and unbelievably special.

We created some really beautiful memories together during those times. To be in the crowd at this moment would be euphoric and many would trade that for anything in a heartbeat to see the world fully return to pre-COVID-19 days once again (not even socially distant).

Cue Armin Van Buuren – “Nobody here knocking at my door, the sound of silence I can’t take anymore. Nobody ringing my telephone now, oh how I miss such a beautiful sound”. This seems to ring true to the current situation we are all facing. “Nothing to hold but the memories and frames, I don’t even know how I survived”. These last six months have been tough indeed but we have made it through to the last quarter of 2020 without any solid live music festivals. Yes we did, beautiful people!

Video and live streams will never fully replace the organic experience and emotional intensity of a live music festival. The countless times we brushed shoulders with each other or interacted with the cheery waiter at the booze stall, simply getting a refreshment under the festival sky would create the spectacular energy that could only be matched with an in-person experience.

The way live music unifies a global audience and bring fans around the world together makes it such a vital part of the music ecosystem. The artists would also make use of these live event opportunities to test the reaction of the crowd, experiment with new music and gather feedback from the fans. This brings the synergy of live music all together as fans also travel around the world to discover new experiences. The annual sold-out festivals such as Coachella, Tomorrowland and EDC speak volume of the pleasure that we could all derive from the communality of live music events.

At this moment, DVLM’s remix of Whitney Houston’s iconic track ‘I Wanna Dance With Somebody’ starts to play again, “Oh I want to dance with somebody, I want to feel the heat with somebody” and I’m starting to feel the chills all over. The chants, the golden skies, the rave – goosebumps never lie! What a wonderful thing we will never take for granted again. Now when we can all unite and rave as one, we will make it count for this year and for all the lost moments that would have been something so special at the start of this new decade. For now, we are all in this together.

All the love,

Your festival homie

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