The Strifes

Article by Jay Vibez

What’s your type of music? Rock? Indie? Alternative? How about a combination of all three and then some, because that’s the vibe you get when hearing the latest track “All Day and Night” from The Strifes. New to the scene, but ready to make an impact. This band of best friends from Southhampton, England are eager to make more music and back on stage. Although, with quarantine and social distancing still being a thing, hopefully we’re able to see a show soon. The band consists of Taylor the guitarist, Dom the bassist, and Kai on the drums. While growing up together, these three always had a passion for music, so it only made sense for them to form a band.

Like many artist and bands, The Strifes wanna have fun and create music that speaks from the heart. Telling stories that relate to anyone who wants to listen. However, they want to be seen as a group that has its own identity. It’s easy for anyone to compare them to any other band or put them into a specific genre category, but the thing is you can’t narrow their talent based off one song and that goes for any artist. Everyone consumes music differently and from what I’ve heard, I believe they already found that unique authentic sound that they're looking for to be able to stand out. Being very new to the industry, I’m really excited to see what they have to offer.

The All Day And Night track comes in smooth with the guitar and the drums quickly follow, setting it up for the melody. It’s a nice breakthrough song for their first debut single. We're presented with a love song about finding someone and the thought of them just runs through your head all day and even through the night. Majority of us have had all-nighter or two, so we know what it's like to have a wild night filled with unexpected experiences, casual hook-ups and fun. This song is a good way to keep the party going.

If you're gearing up for the night out with some friends or a date with someone new, try listening to All Day And Night and see if it sets the vibe. If you like what hear, then keep an eye out for The Strifes next upcoming single.

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