The Strifes on ‘Keep It Going’

Article by Megan Vineberg

Brand spankin’ new is the Strifes latest single, ‘Keep It Going.’ The highly anticipated track drops on January 22. You might recognize the lads from our previous piece, written up by Jay Vibez in October. The three-piece band spoke out on the meaning behind ‘Keep It Going’:

“It’s about wanting to walk away from a job you dislike, and all of the things that come with that.”

The boys had never intended to form a band but after a few too many beers and jam sessions, ideas were conjured up. After all, the threesome had been friends for years before deciding to join forces. Lead vocalist Taylor had ready-made a catalog of songs to be worked on and eventually released. Taylor’s lyricism had helped to form the band we know of now, after having been displayed in a number of tracks, written in the months prior to ‘Keep It Going,’ being put out on the market. One such line in the song I related to reads:

Stories of thrills and biting your tongue / you wanna leave but you don’t know where to run

I think, whether we feel stuck in a dead-end job, relationship, or another sort of situation in which we’re hitting our head against the wall, the track is quite universal. Relatable to many, it stands out amongst the songs made popular via radio these days.

Drummer Kai said about the band’s songwriting process, “Taylor has a prolific way of writing, he’ll send me a track to have a listen to and then we’ll take that into the studio, but before we’ve even started to lay that one down he’s showing me and Dom another three songs he’s written. It’s a good place to be when you know you’ve got a load of great songs behind you”.

Be sure to pre-save ‘Keep It Going’ once it is made available. The track will be distributed on all platforms via Spinnup.

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