"This Thing Called Living" - Eloise: EP Review

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Article by Rachel Pedisich

If you are like me, you seek out new artists or songs each week to keep your library fresh. I start by looking at the newest releases on New Music Friday, then I scroll through trending playlists/artists and I usually find a hit or two. However, this week, my new favorite artist came to me through social media- a powerful tool to help boost artists and new material.

Scrolling through my Instagram stories, I saw that someone I follow had posted a song by Eloise on their story. I gave it a listen and immediately was drawn to the music. After some research, I found that the song was from an EP titled This Thing Called Living, released by Eloise in 2019.

A melodic masterpiece, "This Thing Called Living" is filled to the brim with emotional lyrics and soothing sounds. The song I first discovered (and may even be my favorite) is the appropriately titled “TTCL”. Lyrics from the song can be seen below:

“And I hear you’re fine

Heard you got out of this town,

But my heart still jumps at the thought of you.

Even now, please tell me

How do you do this thing called living

When there’s nothing more to gain?

Tell me, how do you get on with your days?

Because mine have turned from blue to grey

And no one at my door waits for me.”

When you combine those lyrics with her incredible voice, Eloise has a way of wrapping the room in ease and making you reflect on memories you may have not even experienced yet. The EP is a collection of four songs- “Left Side”, “Subside”, “TTCL” and “You, Dear”- and can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Youtube, Youtube Music, Soundcloud, Deezer, and Amazon music.

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