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Photo Credit to Thunder Jackson Article by Rachel Pedisich

If you haven’t heard of Thunder Jackson, let me introduce you to one of the newest talents in the industry. Hailing from Oklahoma, Thunder Jackson is a powerful voice that is making a name for himself in music. His newest single “Led Astray” is having massive success and you’d be missing out if you didn’t follow along in his journey.

“Led Astray” is comprised of deep emotions and transcending sounds. Here’s a small peek at some of the lyrics:

Led astray, led astray

Been down every road they told me not to anyway

No way, no way that I can turn back now

I would pray but I might graze my knees

Nothing seems to ever point towards the sun

Breaking over 800,000 views on YouTube, the music video premiered on July 8th full of glitter, colorful lights, and emotion. In the video, Jackson is seen amongst a crowd of party-goers but seems to be in his own head through it all. Viewers will see and hear the raw emotion through the video.

So who is Thunder Jackson? Thunder Jackson says at age nineteen he was “restless and broke, not a hope in the world, a lost soul”. He knew he had a voice and constructed a plan to move to LA where he would play his music on street corners- the fundamental belief that if he played his music, someone would hear him and something would happen. However, as Jackson notes, the universe had other plans for him and his voice. He began singing in a cab, met a man named Pete Lawrie Winfield, and the rest was history (well, it’s a bit more complex than that but I’ll let you find out the rest of the story from Thunder himself- located alongside all of the information above- in the information box for the “Led Astray” music video.)

His other hit songs include “Guilty Party” and “Find Yourself”.

With his eminent talent and rising fan base, Thunder Jackson is an artist to watch. Check out his music video for “Led Astray” below and head to for information on his upcoming tour with Milky Chance.

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