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It’s no surprise that anxiety sucks. Turning it off is something we wish could happen instantly, like flipping a light switch. It’s safe to say that majority, if not all people deal with it. Even though some manage it better than others, it’s still something that people struggle to control. Just like how medicine helps when you're sick, listening to music can help settle your anxiety. It’s a great therapy tool that can reduce the stress your body endures when freaking out. Keep in mind everyone handles their anxiety differently. When you feel that anxiety start to creep up from behind, focus on what has you feeling like that in the first place. Instead of changing your mood with music, try matching it first. Of course this is easier said than done, but it shouldn’t stop you from at least trying. If want to relax consider listening to music without lyrics, if you listen to a normal song someone else’s emotions are being expressed over that song. Its better too let your mind wonder freely to the music, rather than ride the same emotional roller-coaster as someone else. Don’t get me wrong, there are several songs that describes right down to the cord what you're feeling and that’s okay to listen to as well. Instrumentals are just an easy access to listen to when the pressure really starts to hit.

Over the years Music therapy has been proven to have positive physical, social, and psychological effects. It involves multiple music related activities, such as listening to music, dancing, singing or playing an instrument. It's also a great focus point to use while meditating, doing yoga or conducting breathing exercises. Therapy is different for everyone because we all channel memories and feelings in our own way. For an example, rock and metal could be too much for some to handle when dealing with anxiety, but for others it's a way to tolerate and voice their pain. Music can make you feel every emotion imaginable, from feeling free like a bird in the sky to being trapped like an animal in a cage. It’s been around for centuries and is more complicated than you think.

Here’s a list of different music that can help lower your stress and reduce your


1. “ Weightless ,” by Marconi Union

2. “ Electra ,” by Airstream

3. “ Mellomaniac (Chill Out Mix) ,” by DJ Shah

4. “ Watermark ,” by Enya

5. “ Strawberry Swing ,” by Coldplay

6. “ Please Don’t Go ,” by Barcelona

7. “ Pure Shores ,” by All Saints

8. “ Someone Like You ,” by Adele

9. “ Canzonetta Sull’aria ,” by Mozart

10.“ We Can Fly ,” by Rue du Soleil (Café Del Mar)

Personally, I love listening to music to cope with my anxiety. When I start to feel like my heart is about to skip a beat, I listen to music to unwind. It helps me feel connected when I feel alone and motivated when feeling down. Not only do I get a better understanding of what I’m going through, but am able to share and express those feelings through the music. As people we just want to be understood, which is why we relate so much when an artist drops a new song, whether it be sad, happy, exciting or angry it still hits. If you’ve ever had a song move you so much to the point you shed a tear, then you must know it has an impact on emotions.

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