TWICE Can't Stop with 'Eyes Wide Open'

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Korean music is in the spot spot spotlight, as the killer chorus of TWICE’s latest single rings in our ears. The catchy bop with infectious melody is the nine-member girl group’s lead single off their second studio album, ‘Eyes Wide Open’. The new full-length album features 13 tracks and was released on 26th October, just four months after their last album, ‘MORE & MORE’.

The album as a whole reflects TWICE experimenting with the synth-wave genre for the first time. From the title track itself, there are hints of electronic-infused with a synth sound of the 80s and a retro pop vibe. The energy of the second album reflects a more mature concept compared to previous albums. Additionally, the album name itself perfectly sums up the message that the girls want to send, to keep everyone’s eyes wide open to new experiences.

The music video for ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ unveils a visual celebration. On top of synchronizing choreography, the girls danced fiercely in front of a lit background of blooming flowers and creative greenscreen backdrops. They donned colourful and fashionable attires that accentuates all of the glamour and fiery attitude in the four-minute performance.

Watch the music video here:

When the highly infectious chorus drops, we get dazzled again by the retro vibes of the video aesthetics, which sync perfectly with their sleek dance moves. The choreography video also displays all the killer quality in the camera shots and sharp production. Watch below:

TWICE is definitely a hot Korean A-List act to keep an eye out for. After their debut on the Billboard 200 achievement with ‘MORE & MORE’, ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ has also just entered the global Top 50 Charts on Spotify less than a week after release. Undoubtedly, it is interesting to see the group following in the footsteps of their other Korean counterparts such as BTS and BLACKPINK in the chart actions. It is promising and goes to show the great potential of the girls rising on the international platform.

We shall put the money on the table that you will hit the replay button again and again on this album. ‘This is an emergency; somebody help me because I can’t stop me’. Likewise, we can’t stop ourselves from listening to this comeback track from the girls.

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