Upsahl's New Track "People I Don't Like"

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Article by Stephanie Escobar

Upsahl is an up and coming pop artist who has accomplished so much since the age of 17. Being classically trained in piano, guitar, and singing she continues to perfect her craft and share her talent. Since releasing her music, she has developed recognition in Phoenix, Arizona, and has even played at some well known festivals such as Lollapalooza.

Drugs” being one of her most popular tracks with 15+ million streams across several platforms has catapulted her to success. She released “12345SEX” earlier this year where she opened up about women being able to talk about sex in music and it not be so taboo. She also co-wrote “Good in Bed” which was featured in Dua Lipa’s sophomore album “Future Nostalgia”.

Following the release of “12345SEX”, comes “People I Don’t Like”. Upsahl had gone to Instagram to tease that she was working on filming a music video for the release of her newest song. She premiered the video following a live stream performance where she sang some new songs and her hits. The music video for “People I Don’t Like” features her in some badass lavish outfits as she sings about all those fake people she’s encountered at LA parties.

Upsahl has been very active with her followers on social media and giving her fans live performances on live streams which honestly are very fun to watch. She has great energy, her songs are all bops, and she makes you forget that we're in the midst of a pandemic for a couple of minutes.

Check out "People I Don't Like!"

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