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Julia Michaels is a name you’ll come across often if you’re into knowing all about who’s written the songs topping the charts and how they got there. Since the start of her career, Michaels has really made a name for herself amongst the pop stars of today. Her debut single, “Issues,” has now been certified 5x platinum. She has worked with countless well-known artists like Selena Gomez on “Good For You,” and “Lose You To Love Me”. She’s also worked with Justin Bieber on his track “Sorry.” She even was fortunate enough to write with Linkin Park on their track “Heavy,” and Nick Jonas’ “Close” collab with Tove Lo. As you can see, she’s already got a padded resume but the buck doesn’t stop there.

Michaels dropped her first single of 2020, “Lie Like This,” an anthem of being perfectly at peace with yourself and another. Upon first listen, I really liked the production of this track. I’ve unintentionally followed Michaels’ career now as I’m a fan of her work on Selena Gomez’s latest album “Rare” and her 2015 release “Revival.” She has a really intricate tone to her voice, and as Steven In Stereo says, she “instantly makes her presence known on any record.” Lyrically, Michaels is a genius. She truly knows what phrases to include to make you think twice, and to provoke emotion out of the listener.

“Lie Like This,” while not terribly complex, is a fun little number that you sing and dance along to. It’s incredibly catchy, and one that I think we can all relate to -- the feeling of when you really like someone, taking a chance on them and it working out for the better. It’s endearing the love that comes through in the song that borrows from real life. There’s obviously an undeniably physical attraction between the two (especially considering the visuals). The twist comes as Michaels builds on the substance of the relationship throughout the song.

If you’re not familiar with Michaels’ previous work, she writes from personal experience as many of us do. Michaels takes this concept and turns it on its head -- she delves into relationships where there’s an imbalance -- of power, affection, whatever the case may be. She even talks about how she experiences moments of an unhealthy relationship with herself on “Body.” Seductive and sultry but still youthful, “Lie Like This” sees Michaels gain a newer, fresh outlook on life. She’s now coming from a more compassionate, loving place. She radiates confidence on this track, showcasing all that she’s learned in her newfound relationships, both with herself and now with fellow musician JP Saxe after having recorded the iconic “If the World Was Ending,” which has just crossed the threshold for 1 billion streams worldwide. Making a hit record with your partner? I can’t imagine a more perfect scenario.

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