Who is Lous and The Yazuka and Why Should You Get Into Her?

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She is the current sensation in Europe and especially in France and Belgium.

She made her US TV debut on Jimmy Fallon to promote her first album “GORE”.

If you're the type to complain about your current playlist and that you're not afraid of discovering foreign artists, this article is for you.

Here is everything you need to know!

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Life Story

Marie-Pierra Kakoma is a Belgian-Congolese, songwriter, singer, performer and rapper.

Born in Congo in 1996 to doctor parents, her family ran away from the war in 2000 in Congo, she arrived in Belgium at the age of 4, then she left Belgium in 2005 for Rwanda, and finally came back to Belgium in 2011.

Independent from an early age, she started living alone at the age of 15 with the help of her parents who paid for everything until she turned 18.

Things got more challenging for her when she turned 19, that's when she realised that she wanted to get in the music industry.

She ended up living in the streets, was sexually assaulted and even started selling drugs to make some money.

"It's something that's very important to me to share because it was one of the hardest moments ever for me as a human being."

Via interview BRUT:

3 words that would describe Lous to me:




Why is she called Lous and The Yakuza?

"Lous" is short for "Soul" and a Yakuza is a member of an organized crime group in Japan.


Her album Gore is about her painful experiences during 24 years spent on this planet.

What does Gore mean?

It’s a French word used to describe something that is horrible and disgusting.

You often associate it with blood and something explicit. Gore is also a subgenre of horror cinema, characterized by extremely bloody and very explicit scenes whose purpose is to provoke disgust in viewers. - Le Parisien

She released her first single called ‘Dilemme’ in September 2019, It's the song she wrote last but released first, in 2019.

A year later on the 16th of October 2020, she released her very anticipated debut album "Gore".

The album has 10 tracks and is produced by El Guincho who also worked with Rosalià!

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Her style is very unique, she definitely has her own identity and you won't meet anyone like her.

As a fashion lover, she walked down the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week for Louis Vuitton.

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Her personality that we also notice in her interviews shows a contagious kindness and a bright, fun personality.

She is also very involved in causes that are close to her heart such as Black Lives Matter in Brussels or racism against darker women.

On her Instagram lives, she is also not afraid to preach the good word by inspiring her fans with a touch of humour, she has this bright smile and you can see that she is very grateful to be where she is today.

Her life was far from easy and when you hear about all the crazy things that happened to her living on those streets, risking her life outside, anything could’ve happened to her but, thank God, she survived.

That made her very strong and that's why her first album includes tough and difficult subjects, but they are raw and real and related to her personal experiences.

Which is why I appreciate her music and her universe, because you can feel the pain and the passion in her music.

She clearly was made for this, this industry needed someone like her.

Lous and The Yakuza is the new sensation of the year, she is embodying the new generation of female rap and Belgian pop.

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She will be taking over in 2021, you won’t regret adding her to your playlist!

Listen to her debut album ‘GORE’ here:

Follow Lous and The Yakuza:

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