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Photo Credit to Variety Article by Megan Vineberg

In the year 2020, women have seemingly dominated the music industry. From Grammy award nominations to major record label staffing, diversity is cropping up left and right. As Ingrooves Music Group expands into Mexico, Ariana Arciniega is appointed Country Market Manager, as published in an article most recently by Music Business Worldwide. With previous experience to back her, Arciniega is more than ready to take on a new role.

When speaking about what she could expect going forward, Arciniega added: “Ingrooves not only has a reputation as the global leader in music distribution technology and expertise, but has been a real trailblazer as a distributor of Latin labels and artists.

“The growth of Latin music around the world is absolutely one of the most exciting developments happening in music today.”


Speaking of diversity, women in K-Pop groups like TWICE and BLACKPINK are being more widely represented in the U.S. market.

When compared amongst other publications, artist Phoebe Bridges reached the top spot in total for number 1 album of the year, followed by Fiona Apple. When analyzing the most widely streamed artists of 2020, record-breaking Taylor Swift and U.K. based breakout star Dua Lipa were among those listed. Joining them was Juice WRLD, posthumously representing emerging artists and Bad Bunny, in the top-charting artists for the Latin market.

In the Forbes 30 Under 30 list, the team and I were equal parts shocked and enamored with the idea of so many women (much less in the music business category) being mentioned. Grammy-nominated Tate McRae, still just 17 years old, signed a deal this December with Sony/ATV Publishing as stated in an article published by Variety earlier this week. In the early days, McRae’s cover songs performed well on YouTube and she continued on in the process, writing her own original songs while learning to play the piano. This led to co-writing sessions with important names in music to what is ultimately, her highest level of success to date. Not only is McRae an incredible singer/songwriter but she also has rhythm. McRae really started out in entertainment through dance, and that was how the world was first introduced to her. I knew McRae was on to something when I would watch her old YouTube videos of her songwriting process, but when I saw “You Broke Me First” start to take off on TikTok, I knew she had her first hit. McRae also reached No. 3 on the U.K. charts. Not to mention, she was placed on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for 2021, after receiving 500 million streams globally and being nominated for an MTV Video Music Award for 2020.

After analyzing her Spotify Wrapped stats, we noticed that Producer Entertainment Group Intern Samantha D. received an increase of 9999% in organic reach of new and total listeners for her artist Lonely Leonard’s catalog. We are not surprised as she has been working hard to achieve her intended goal this year.

I myself have seen a massive increase in reach of 2000+% this year alone from my last single, something I did not anticipate whatsoever being that it was released only 4 months ago. It’s safe to say that women in the music industry are being recognized for their achievements, and their aspirations, rather than their social status, or appearance. We couldn’t ask for anything more.

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