Yoe Mase explores creativity and deep honesty with new visual EP

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Yoe Mase's 3rd album, “An Unfiltered Stream of Consciousness” out on 26th February is the third of a six part conceptual album series. The release is an expedition traversing deep into the honesty and authenticity of the New York based alternative-indie artist and producer. Setting out the ambitious goal of a six album conceptual series - traversing through his life, family and time growing up through music, Yoe Mase shows his care of concept and listening experience. Pulling on early inspirations of Coldplay and the Beatles – Yoe’s distinctive vocal style and dissonant piano melodies will align him with fans of Bon Iver or James Blake.

This visual album will see each piece of track exploring an interpretation of the deeper concepts on the songs. The art is post-modern surrealism, with data moshing and imperfection to further expand on the concept of overthinking and “really just my mind unfolding itself”, as Yoe outlined candidly. We asked the talented songwriter some interesting ‘This or That’ questions in the #BMELAsks series and got a taste of his narrative mind.


  1. Lyrics first of melodies first?

  2. I generally write some of the music first and let whatever emotions I feel guide the lyrics of the track. Sometimes I write lyrics first though, but that seems to be the exception and not the rule.

  1. Summer or Winter?

  2. I'm definitely more of a summer child. As much as I can get behind the beauty of winter, with all the snow, warm weather seems to keep my mental state in a happier place! Plus I'm a Leo, so that helps too.

  1. Prefer happy songs or sad songs?

  2. It changes on a daily basis but right now I'd like to say Happier music speaks to me. Sometimes you have to will yourself to be happy.

  1. 90s music or 00's music?

  2. I love my 00s haha. That was peak childhood for me.

  1. Headphones or Speakers?

  2. Nothing beats a good pair of headphones, but speakers generally work better for me in most situations, including mixing and Production.


  1. Song that makes you want to dance?

  2. “A Sky Full of Stars" by Coldplay

  3. Favourite live music festival?

  4. Surprisingly, never been to one really.

  5. Song that always make you sad?

  6. “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman

  7. Your sing-in-the-shower song?

  8. “Hey Jude” by The Beatles

  9. Your favourite song you made?

  10. Probably my most recent release, "Lael". It doesn't sound perfect to me but that was the important part of the writing process. Letting it go,and letting her move on.

Check out the video for emotional track, ‘Lael’ released on Mr Suicide Sheep here:

Yoe revealed that ‘Lael’ was a track dedicated to his cousin who passed away in 2018 and the heaviness of the lyrics speak volume to the emotions in his heart. “It was too heavy to accurately portray what I was trying to say”, Yoe explained the reason why he could not get to the finish line back then as it needed to sound perfectly right before its release. “I came to realize how gentle and unbalanced life is. Her passing affected the way I interacted with everything. How at any moment we can move on from this world” The raw genuity of this song will transport any listener to a new dimension, with the simple appreciate or life and gratitude for the small blessings.

Step into a chill zone and listen to “An Unfiltered Stream of Consciousness” here to hear Yoe’s overflowing thoughts.

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