Yung Xander Returns "Home"

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Yung Xander unexpectedly dropped his newest single, “Home” on Wednesday, October 21 this year. Immediately, it seemed fans couldn’t get enough! As artists, the things we cherish are moments like that: when people dedicate the time to both listen to, and resonate with our music. It’s especially touching when it’s someone you don’t know because they have no sense of obligation or tie to you. Ask any artist you know, and they’ll tell you—it really holds quite a lot of weight. We took a peek at Yung Xander’s music back in July but since it’s been a while, we would do a follow-up to our last piece.

I mentioned in my article prior, how much influence the pop-punk and hip-hop scenes had on Yung Xander’s taste in music and his artistry as a whole. It made it difficult for me to narrow down just what genre to list him as here, but artistically, that’s right where you want to be. An artist who fits into multiple genres can create anything and have it turn out well, I think. Some of the greatest have started out this way—we’ve seen what the public tends to classify as “emo rappers'' like Lil Peep, and Juice WRLD come and go from the world unfortunately but their music stays with us. It lives on because it continues to make an impact in crossing over. With Lil Peep’s music as well as with Juice WRLD’s catalog, you can hear alternative rock and punk influence throughout. You can also hear hip-hop and rap in there, and dare I say even some pop-inspired lines.

I came across a YouTube video recently where Juice WRLD said that he wasn’t allowed to listen to a lot of artists growing up that were heavier in genre. This was because they were performing metal, screaming over clean vocals. Juice WRLD’s mother then afforded him certain other genres. He would repeatedly play the records his mother owned, ones of classical music, southern soul, blues, and even some jazz. After some time, he even started to like them, probably because it was what he was most frequently exposed to. Much like Juice WRLD, I was restricted in terms of what music I was allowed to listen to growing up. Referring back to him, this caused him to develop a preference for 90s grunge, pop-punk, and alternative sounding music instead. The diverse catalog of music played at home found Juice WRLD well-rounded in the end, with bits and pieces sprinkled in on his records. Coming back full circle, I feel the same goes for Yung Xander. You can really see some of the smooth transition from his earlier work to now. Some records you listen to inspire you to create something, others make you feel understood but that is the incredibly intense power of music.

“Home” is Yung Xander’s second single of 2020. It’s a chill track—one that won’t take too much out of you after you’ve listened to it. At 2 minutes and 29 seconds run time, the song is long enough that it doesn’t leave you hanging, but short enough that you won’t get bored. Highly anticipated, this unexpected release surely satisfied the 35,000+ monthly listeners who were waiting for something new.

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