Zara Larsson Chats "Wow" Comeback and New Album

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If incredible songs like Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts” have taught us anything, it’s that anyone can be a bad bitch and it doesn’t matter when a song is released; it can still be a hit years later. Zara Larsson and her smash hit “Wow” are in a similar situation. Despite coming out over a year ago, it's popularity seems to be climbing the streaming charts since it's feature in the recent Netflix film called Work It. The song has and always will be a hit, but it sucks that this Marshmello produced banger failed to make an impact on the charts after it's initial release. However, it’s still pretty dope that the song is finally getting the recognition it deserves. In a recent radio interview with Zara, we discussed “Wow” and her new upcoming album.

How are you and How has life been treating you since quarantine?

I’m good, I’m really good. I’ve just been chillin', you know, really taking the time to hang out with friends and family. Watching a whole bunch of Netflix, I watched Ozark not too long ago and to this day I think it's the best. That and I May Destroy You on HBO.

Did you expect “Wow” to get as big as it is right now, a year after its release?

No! And that’s what is so fun about it and that’s what is so fun about music… like Lizzo, for example. She hit number one like two years after her release... which is crazy, but that’s the beauty of music! Like, it’s always changing. It has its own little life and now it has decided to blossom with the help of people listening. Itt feels really really exciting that it's happening kinda on its own and we just have to help it get there.

I know it’s been out for a while, but tell me a little bit about “Wow” and what’s it all about?

So “Wow” is quite simple, the meaning of it. When you meet someone and this person just thinks you are amazing and you just want that confirmed. Like you don’t have to do anything else and just feel like saying "wow," literally that’s it. You just have to give me a tiny, tiny bit of validation. I just want to impress you, I want you to be impressed with me. I wanna be together for the rest of my life. Like ultimately it’s a love song, it’s about being attracted to someone and you want that person to be attracted to you back. The basic love rule of love life.

So “Wow” is a love song and your most recent single is called “Love Me Land”... what is the difference between the two?

It’s a lot of love, it's definitely a lot of love and I love to write about that. Like honestly, I think my favorite thing to write about is that chemistry you have with someone. Where you're like asking if “you trying to uhh… do you wanna umm… you know” like just that attraction, it doesn’t necessarily have to be like I love you so much… I think "Love Me Land" is a little bit more sassy. They're both a little sassy and up tempo and you can dance to both of them, but I think “Love Me Land” is a bit heavier and “Wow” is more beautiful.

Are both of these singles going to be on your new upcoming album?

Yes! As of now it looks like they are both definitely going to be on the album. I am very indecisive, so you never know, but there are also going to be some features we’ll see, so we will see about that. As of now, I really want them on the album because it just makes sense.

Can you tell us a little bit about your New album, do you have a title or a release date?

It’s called “Poster Girl” and it's gonna come in a few months. It’s really good, I’m so proud (of it). What can I say about it? There are a lot of highs and lows, there's some dynamic. You know when I make an album or write a song I always think about what would I like to see in a connection.. how I would want the concert to be. I don’t want to go to like an EDM show where I have to dance all the time, but I also don’t wanna cry the whole show. I want a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

When an album takes you on a journey like a ride at an amusement park, that’s when you know you have an amazing sound. With 2020 being chock full of surprises, hopefully we don’t have to wait too much longer for the project. Zara did mention wanting to try TikTok out, but in the meantime she will continue to focus on her music and spending time with her friends, family, and of course HBO.

Check out "Wow" on all streaming platforms!

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