Zayn's Emotive New Single "Better"

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Article by Stephanie Escobar

Zayn released his sophomore album “Icarus Falls” in 2018 followed by a few collaborations featuring Shaed, Sabrina Claudio, R3had, and Zhavia Ward. “Icarus Falls” is still my favorite album from him. There was a lot of experimentation that he did with his sound and definitely different from his self titled album. He’s remained on the down-low throughout his music career as he has opened up about struggling with anxiety and how that has affected his performing. Nonetheless, he has had small listening parties to interact with fans, which I think fans loved.

This new R&B ballad dropped Friday morning (Sept. 25) a day after he had announced that his

girlfriend Gigi Hadid had given birth to a baby girl. He shared a heartwarming message to welcome his baby girl as he shared the news with his fans. Zayn is diving into a new chapter of his life as his single “Better” is slated for his upcoming third album.

In this new single we see Malik struggling to shake off and move one from a romantic relationship, but coming to terms that he might just have to. "Cause sometimes it's better that way/ Gotta let it go so your heart don't break/ 'Cause I love you/” he sings over a heavy thumping bass and jazzy rifting guitar groove.

"Why? Why wait to fight?/ Give it a try/ Or I'll say goodbye while it's right/ Can we save tears in your eyes?/ I'm making you cry/ Why wait to hate, can we save love?" he sings in the chorus making the heartbreak evident.

With the anticipation of his third album, we can expect a more personal side to Malik’s writing. It was described in the release that it’s his "most personal project to date. With total creative reign on his third album, Zayn is making the music he has always wanted to." With Zayn being a very private person and the recent birth of his firstborn, this album is going to help create a special place not just for him but also for many fans as he shares a bit more of himself.

The accompanying video directed by Ryan Hope shows Malik waking up in an empty home as he’s being surveilled by an unknown figure from afar.

Watch the video for “Better” below.

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